I Found This House On The Internet – I Want To Buy It NOW!


Oh how we all wish this was true.  Sadly, I have had many clients walk through the door with a picture in hand saying that they have found the house they want and they want to go look at it and make an offer right now!  There are times when their information is correct, but there are many more times when it is not.  I take the picture and tell them I’m going to look it up.  Realtor® have access to the most current information on homes for sale in your area.  Too many times, I have found the home only to discover that it sold a year ago, is pending, was pulled off the market, or the list price the client found is incorrect.

If you are looking for a home, the best thing you can do is immediately contact a Realtor®.  We can give you correct information and find multiple homes that you may be interested in.  If your information is correct, that’s even better because we can make arrangements to show you the home and give you additional information about it that you can’t find on the internet.  Either way – go to a Realtor® first!

I’m here to help you through a successful home buying process.  My goal is your goal.  I am obligated to give you all the information I have about the homes you are looking for and to answer all your questions.  Yes – you read it right – answer your questions honestly and professionally

So – if you are scanning the internet to find a home, have fun and then give me a call.

Fleda Wright – 208.870.7414